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As a part of the digital transformation package, we at JUWARA have successfully developed our own mobile app called “MyJRT”. Currently versions available are only for our Envitechs and Supervisors. Coming soon will be a specific app for clients to log in their CIC account and straight away monitor all cleaning activities at their site.

Battery Powered Eco-Friendly Technology

In collaboration with renowned Japanese power tool maker MAKITA, we are replacing all traditional cleaning tools and equipment with cordless Lithium-Ion battery-powered tools such as cordless vacuum cleaners, cordless backpack cleaners, cordless blowers and more.

Benefits of using battery-powered tools includes being eco-friendly in replacing petrol engine tools with zero emissions, safer with no dangling power cables as is the name cordless, low-noise whilst maintaining similar high-power output and overall, more convenient for EnviTechs.

KGS Swiss Diamond Technology

For your floor care and restoration needs, we collaborate specifically with KGS Diamond pads from Switzerland to carry out floor scrubbing and buffing services.

Best thing is the process only uses water and does not require the use of chemicals unlike other brand pads. Benefit for clients will be a cleaner and shinier floor surface gloss with less slippery after-effects as it normally is with other pads when using with chemicals making it safer for passer-bys.

Robotic Cleaners

Coming soon to a public space near you is the use of autonomous Robot Cleaners that can move by itself, navigate by itself, vacuum, mop, and scrub also by itself! But don’t worry, it is always under the supervision and command of certified human Robot Operators, coupled with numerous sensors fitted for safety purposes, so that it won’t go rogue on you, wink-wink!

Smart IOT Sensors

Also coming soon are IOT-based smart sensors to monitor cleaning situations in toilets, restrooms, office spaces, public spaces, and more. So, the next time you accidentally spilled water in a restroom somewhere, don’t be surprised if an EnviTech is already at the door to clean up the mess immediately after. All this is possible with real-time internet-connected sensors monitoring the cleanliness level in the areas you frequent.

AR (Augmented Reality) Technology

Upcoming developments include as well the use of AR technology or Augmented Reality specifically for cleaning monitoring. How you ask? Imagine the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, but it is to be used by our EnviTechs in recording completed cleaning works and at the same time earning some points which in turn will be rewarded. Talk about motivating your workers and keeping it fun and engaging to do work at the same time, am I right?

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